I think RopeGripper® is a well-conceived, well-engineered, well-manufactured product that provides great performance without interfering with the normal operation of the elevator. It is easy to install, easy to test, easy to maintain and is very affordable. It integrates easily with any control system I have encountered. AND IT WORKS!
As owner's representative and self maintainer of greater than five Hundred pieces of Vertical Transportation Equipment we specify and use the Hollister-Whitney RopeGripper® finding it to be a very reliable system for both unintended movement and ascending car over speed conditions.
As you know the University can't endorse one product over another but we do rely on Hollister-Whitney to provide the equipment needed to ensure all safety requirements are being met.
We use the Hollister-Whitney RopeGripper® because they Invented and Perfected the application. The product is reliable, easy to install, and is accepted as the industry standard.
For more than 10 years CNY Elevator Consultants has specified the use of Hollister-Whitney RopeGripper® for new and existing elevators. The Hollister-Whitney RopeGripper® is the standard bearer for elevator secondary brakes, prevention of unintended motion and car overspeed in the up direction. Hollister-Whitney RopeGripper® is the only system that we recommend.
RopeGripper® is the most innovative safety device available on the market today. They are very inexpensive, easy to install, easy to adjust and maintain, and you know they will work when you need them to the most. I always choose Hollister Whitney rope grippers over the other guys.
We at our company have used the RopeGripper® since it's debut into the market and it has been the most well thought out and dependable piece of equipment to ensure passenger safety. The Hollister-Whitney RopeGripper® is the simplest and most reliable way to meet the unintended motion requirements that we have ever installed.
After installing traction elevators with bi-directional safeties versus the RopeGripper® I would choose the RopeGripper® first on all projects.